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Erin Mcclarty

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About Me

Hey! I am a cheese lover, who isn't supposed to eat cheese, that spends all of her time helping people creating a better world. Small business, charities, schools, movement leaders or passionate citizens, it doesn't matter!

Why You Should Join Me

You explain what you do, or hope to do, and people look at you funny. The audacity. You want to create financial stability yourself in a way that doesn't obliterate the earth.

"Are you a nonprofit?" the ask.  If you are, aren't there too many already? Is there any money in it? We know, you get all of the questions. And sometimes it can feel lonesome; conquering the world's problems. 

That's why I'm creating this community. We host calls, post topics, support one another and share best practices. Not to mention talk all things positive AND business. 

So no, you're not weird or off. You're a visionary.  And whether you're an entrepreneur, founder, business owner or movement leader if you're looking for a tribe of like-minded people then welcome. 

Resources. Coaching. Calls. Webinars and Community. What more do you need?

A Big Thanks

Big thanks to all of the existing communities that have supported me, and helped me realize a community like this one needed to exist. 

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